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Cartoons by Fix - Dessins de presse par Fix

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This site is the "book" of Fix, a presentation of nearly a thousand cartoons (over 20,000 made at dozens of industry events). Thousands of keywords allow an efficient exploration. 
Keywords: I invite you to browse the site using keywords. For example, there are currently 525 posts for the keyword . Each post (page) often includes many cartoons. There are currently 722 posts (and many more cartoons!) in the site. Explore with 7131 keywords ("tags")! 
40 years as professional manager (see biography below). I speak your language and understand your problems. 
For special events, conventions, conferences, meetings ... 
• Live drawings can be seen on big screen. 
• From 10 to 30 cartoons per hour, according to the "productivity" of speakers. 
• In French or English. 
• Method: brief with the client (what to say, what not to say, how to express the unspoken, etc.). Disclosure of "papers" if they exist. After the event, de-brief. 
• Examples of customers (from 20 to 2000 people per event): large consulting firms, large corporations, banks, institutions, governments, professional associations. 
• Fees: those of a senior consultant. The price includes advice to the client, the realization of cartoons during the event, and the rights to use these cartoons. 
• Rights: The customer becomes the "all rights" owner of the cartoons. I reserve the right to publish drawings on my book. 
For your books, magazines, websites, posters ... 
• Proposed cartoons, then approved by the client. 
• Examples of customers: professional book publishers, trade journals. 
In short, I can do a lot for my clients. I am informed and experienced of professional life and situations, and can transcribe this into drawings. 
• HEC (best European business school) MBA graduate , also studied law and science. 
• Languages: English, French 
• Worked in Europe and the United States, in large multinational corporations, medium-sized companies and small businesses. 
• Founded and led start-ups in high technology (from my patents), and in marketing. 
• For 10 years, consultant in strategy, and also a consultant in communication by the means of efficient cartoons. 
• Use the contact form 

Association des Régions de France
Chambre Syndicale des Banques Populaires
Colloque ENA EDG HEC 
Ecoles Centrales
HEC Finance
MEDEF Université d’été
PWC (PriceWaterhouse Coopers)
Région Rhône Alpes
Université d’été des CCI (chambres de commerce et d’industrie)
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• There are 722 posts (and many more cartoons!) in this site. Explore them with 7131 keywords / tags!   

• Il y a 722 articles (et beaucoup plus de dessins !) sur ce site. Explorez les grâce à  7131 mots-clés / tags !  

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