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Le Web - Paris 2009 - Part 2

Real Time Web

LeWeb Paris 09 (december 9 and 10, 2009) is about real time. (Wow ! next year, will it be real real time ?).

Below is part 2 of our cartoon report. Part 1 is here. Part 3 is there.

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The real time web is taking the world by storm!
Some epicureans enjoy disruptive naps in real time !

As you know, this is LeWeb Paris. We have deep philosophers here in France.
"Real time"
"... its lasts ...

Fast company ?

And we have french lovers hares.
"Real time ... I can't bear it anymore"

Too fast company

Back to LeWeb business. What is the new public customer service? Will our dear Nathalie Kosciustweet-Morizet ( we love her, see here!) help us foresee some digital future ?

H. Novelli is another member of the French government. Longjumeau is a small town in the constituency where NK_M (her Twitter nickname) has been elected. O.M. is a famous soccer team.
"Longjumeau crushes O.M."

She's a very efficient sub-secretary and a nice person

How do media and news sources reinvent themselves, or embrace the phenomenon and profit from it (the real time Web). And much more….  Makes us think the French President is a "much more" person.
He's too much

Loic Le Meur is real time. He runs this big LeWeb circus with a tremendous real-time ubiquitous energy.

See you at Le Web 10 !

Back to LeWeb  business again. Who will win the Twitter vs. Facebook battle? The Google vs Microsoft armageddon ? Will Sylvester catch Tweety? Is real time about catching watching birds ?

Where is Sweetie Pie ?

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