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Facebook Connect

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 Connect, also called Log in with Facebook is a set of authentication APIs from Facebook that enable Facebook members to log onto third-party websites, applications, mobile devices and gaming systems with their Facebook identity. While logged in, users can connect with friends via these media and post information and updates to their Facebook profile. Developers can use these services to help their users connect and share with their Facebook friends on and off of Facebook and increase engagement for their website or application.

Wikipedia [en] : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facebook_Platform#Facebook_Connect 

 Connect est un système créé par Facebook permettant aux sites de loguer leurs utilisateurs via leurs compte Facebook. Ce système requiert l'API de Facebook et une application. Le système Graph, permettant de récupérer les informations relatives à l'utilisateur Facebook, peut être utilisé.
Wikipedia [fr] : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facebook#Facebook_Connect 


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