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Qualifeed est l'un des projets de la troisième édition du Startup Weekend Paris (8 - 10 octobre 2010 dans les locaux de Telecom Paris Tech)
Qualifeed : "Master your top tweets".

Early version : get the list of your 10 top tweets based on their actual audience (your followers + the followers of your retweeters). Also, we’ll calculate for you a “Qualifeed score” based on the impact of some actions (if users have clicked your included bit.ly URL for example). As a bonus, you will get a pretty graph showing the evolution of your followers, and a Facebook integration allowing Qualifeed to track the evolution of your fans on some of your pages 
We want to provide solutions of Social Influence Management and Social Influence Optimization to help trademarks, community managers etc. to measure and continuously improve the ROI (Return on Investment) of their social media campaigns. The first step will be to provide a Social Activity Dashboard.
Twitter      : @Qualifeed  
Web Site   : http://www.qualifeed.com/  
Facebook   : http://www.facebook.com/qualifeed  


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