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The Next Women

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The Next Women "Business Magazine for Female Internet Heroes" is much more than an ambitious , it's also ... : 

The Next Women is the first award-winning online Women’s Business Magazine, Community, Networking & Matching forum, with a focus on early stage and growing businesses, led, founded or invested in by women.
We bring news on business, events, funding and tech from a female angle and interview and profile Female Business Heroes, making them notable and quotable. We are a business magazine for  which has substance. We relate to the urban & rural working woman who to give them quality, business, how to and thought-provoking content.
We are the female Business Week, the female Techcrunch and the business Red.
We are a Women’s Enterprise Forum and a network of ambitious (future) female entrepreneurs and CEO’s; female and male investors; female and male business angels, and supporting business consultants.
Support & Mentoring
The Nextwomen supports entrepreneurs with business news, a community, events, a network, resources, a mentor programme and knowledge in order to take your startup from an idea to launch and to subsequently grow your business.
We run Pitching & Funding events – Dragon’s Den for women-led companies – Kitchen Dinners for leading businesswomen and High Profile Networking Events and Speed Mentoring events.
Why are we different than other women’s business platforms?
The NextWomen is an information & news based platform, for female business leaders and decision makers in many industry sectors, including internet & technology.
We know and attract company founders CEOs, CXOs, and entrepreneurs, and women in leadership roles in ambitious companies. We also connect with VCs, business angels and others investors, as well as professional service firms supporting the NextWomen community.
We are a business platform providing news, advice, matching, trade and networking. Via our website, community and events we bring people together in our eco-system to do business, get support and inspiration and to create value and ambitious, sustainable businesses.
The NextWomen interviews many founding entrepreneurs, female internet heroes and business experts, concentrating on the process of founding a business, finding capital and overcoming business challenges.
We have a database of female founders, CxO’s and VC’s of successful internet companies, which is updated daily.
Our focus is on early stage and growing business, be it in the media, service, retail, communication or any other industry.
With The NextWomen you can: Work, Meet, Match, Make Money, Grow, Read, Think, Play and in no particular order!

... read more on : http://thenextwomen.com/

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